So Long

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So Long

Post by Tom on Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:14 pm

    Serenely she sends me soft and silent whispers that sound somewhere deep within then spread outward slowly, like echoes of singing steadily sinking back into the sombre emptiness of vast and sacred space.

    Illumination lightens all these lost and languid internal low-lands, lately left lying limp and lustreless, longing for the light.  Lovely, all lovely, like a lady holding a lamp, she lengthens her long and lithe limbs and lovingly leads this lost and lonely lamb along to lie, labours lain aside, lulled in the lee of her lap.

    So long, so long.  Still lingers the soft lament of a soulful song, sweeping love, so low, with sorrow along.  Seasons, like leaves, have softened and blown, since love as a seed in the land was first sown.  So many lives have been sunk neath the loam, and so many losses are suffered alone.  But see! what the light now at sunrise will show - the limbs that are sundered let new saplings grow.


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Re: So Long

Post by Jane Berg on Wed Feb 26, 2014 6:19 pm

Love it. It reminds me of a lullaby -sitting in a very interesting uncategorised space - too lyrical for prose, yet more substantial than a poem - maybe. Love the way the two alliterations combine in the last stanza. Reminds me of Keats- his ode to sleep. What I love the way the lines are so slow, my biggest challenge if find is that i worry people will read my poetry too quickly when mean it to be sounded much slower than that. So far Ive been trying by leaving gaps in words, but this is maybe a better strategy. Thanks for adding this to an already amazing morning I'm having!
Jane Berg

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